Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/ Subsidy for Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Plants under Net Metering will be provided by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) from capacity 1 to 10 Kw as per MNRE, GOI new notification dated 08.03.2019. Further, it is also informed that it has already been requested to the MNRE, GOI for the release of Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/ Subsidy for old cases which have been submitted in PEDA Head Office, Chandigarh.
Beneficiaries /EPC companies are required to submit hard copies of all reports along with necessary certificates in PEDA Office in addition to online submission for release of subsidy otherwise no subsidy will be released


Procedure & Facilitation

Procedure/Facilitation :-

Detailed procedure for installation of rooftop solar power plants under Net Metering Policy.

Name of Activity


Time Schedule 

Submission of Application

For installation of solar power plant the applicant has to register/apply online at any one the sites www.netmeteringpunjab.com, www.solarpunjab.comwww.peda.gov.in 

with copy of latest electricity bill and available shadow free area at the top of roof/ walls/ open space within the compound.  

First 3 weeks of the month

Approval for installation of Roof Top Solar Power Plant

After verification, PSPCL/PEDA will give online approval to the applicant for installation of required capacity Solar Power Plant.

Within 30 days after submission of application

Processing Fee & Signing of Agreement with PSPCL 

The consumer intending to setup Roof Top Solar Power Plant shall deposit  the processing fee of Rs. 50 per KVA or part thereof, subject to maximum of Rs. 10,000 in the concerned DS/ Sub Division office of PSPCL on first come first serve basis. The consumer shall also sign Supplementary Agreement with PSPCL (The specimen of agreement and guidelines can be seen on website.)   

Before installation of Solar Power Plant

Installation of Solar Power Plant

After approval from PSPCL applicant will contact and install solar power plant from selected suppliers / manufacturers of Solar Power Plants listed at  www.netmeteringpunjab.com, www.solarpunjab.com  and submit online work completion report along with photograph of the system and Single Line Diagram of the synchronizing and protection arrangements.

Within 180 days after getting approval from PSPCL/PEDA.

Installation of Bi-Directional Meter

After receiving project completion report, Bi-directional meter would be installed at the premises of the beneficiary by PSPCL. For this, applicant has to deposit prescribed fee of Bi-Directional meter at Sub Divisional Office  of PSPCL.

Within 10 days

Release of  Subsidy

After installation of Bi-Directional meter, the plant shall be treated as commissioned and the beneficiary will apply online for release of subsidy to PEDA along with the work completion report duly verified by PSPCL.

Within 7 days after submission of application subject to availability of MNRE, GOI funds.